Photovoltaic example systems

63KW String-Inverter

This system is located on Ark Valley Distributing near Winfield, KS.  It utilizes SMA SunnyBoy inverters and Trina 300watt solar panels.  Click Here for production data.


40.8KW Micro-Inverter

This system is located on Westar Energy’s Manhattan Service Center and is made up of four sub-arrays set at a 25 degree angle.  The goal for this system is to compare the production of solar panels with four different variables.  There is a mix of USA made and Asian made as well as mono-crystaline and poly-crystaline modules.  Click Here for production data.

20.2KW Micro-Inverter

This system located at the Ute Mountain Farm & Ranch is one of our commercial systems.  It has 84 Trina 240watt modules with M215 Enphase microinverters set at a 5 degree slope.  Click Here for production data.


12.6KW String-Inverter

This system located on a farm in rural Reno County.  It has two SMA SunnyBoy 6000 watt inverters and Trina 240watt panels mounted at a 15 degree angle.  Click Here for production data.


6.1KW Micro-Inverter

This system is made up of twenty-six 235watt photovoltaic modules mounted on a 12/12 roof in Hesston, KS.  Click Here for production data.


4.4KW Micro-Inverter

This system located on a 12/12 shingled roof in McPherson, KS has 17 Trina 260 watt modules with Enphase M215 microinverters.  Being positioned at a 45 degree angle helps make production more consistent between summer and winter months.  Click here for production data.


3.38 KW String-Inverter

This system located on a shingled roof in Yoder, KS has 13 LG 260 watt monocrystaline modules with a SMA SunnyBoy 3000-TL inverter.  This inverter includes the Secure Power Supply giving the home owner some off grid power in the invent of a grid outage.  Click here for production data


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